Company Profile

Human technology for the future; the keywords are people, safety and the future environment.

Established in 1927, our firm utilizes technical know-how and superior technology gained from years of experience to create uniqueness, future-oriented products. Since our inception, we have put people and safety first.

We combine the latest production with skilled labor in pursuit of a consistent, and organized production system.
We aim to achieve the following three targets.

Top Quality

Strict quality control standards are implemented at every stage of production to ensure hi-precision products, starting with initial screening of materials and including regular quality checks and final testing of the completed products.

Low Cost

We are constantly striving to lower costs, using labor-saving, high-performance equipment and skilled workers to improve operating efficiency.

Speedy production

The efficiency of our modern production equipment has dramatically increased the output of our experienced staff.
This, coupled with our systematic production line, including seam welding operations, machine processing, painting and assembly,allows us to deliver our finished products in the shortest time possible.

Trend name KOZAI IRON Co.Ltd.
Location 1286-10 Kasuga-cho Takamatsu City, Kagawa pref. 761-0101 Japan
TEL. 087(843)1177 FAX. 087(841)8302
President President Kaoru Kozai
Capital ¥24million
Staff 105
Scale of Plant Premises/20,800m2、Building/10,200m2